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Mayor Parrino and Board of Trustee Statement

Mayor Parrino and Board of Trustee Statement

Town of Norwood Citizen Requested Statement

Norwood is a welcoming, diverse community. Diversity brings opportunities to continue to improve our great community. Prior the pandemic SPARC (Sustained Planned Authentic Realistic Conversations) was formed by the Town Norwood, Chamber of Commerce, the Library and Community representatives.

The purpose was to create unity and collaboration between community leaders. This allows a plan for listening to all constituents so that leaders make decisions that represent the true, not perceived, needs and hopes of their citizens. The pandemic has added momentum and purpose to this group.

We want to say that Norwood is listening. Small communities can more nimbly navigate opportunities.  Our small size means that we can make real advancements quickly, with a shared intentionality to create a space for all to be heard, so that decisions equitably represent the needs of our citizens.

There was a Vigil held last week, Norwood citizens organized a candlelight vigil for George Floyd and his family. The intention was not political, but rather to allow people to grieve, contemplate, and converse.  Norwood is listening to that conversation too, and we welcome your thoughts as we move our community forward with all voices at the table.

Mayor Parrino and the Norwood Board of Trustees