Welcome to Norwood, Colorado!

Incorporated in 1905, Norwood is a cozy little town nestled atop Wright's Mesa in San Miguel County. With an elevation of 7000 feet, Norwood sports spectacular views of the La Sal Mountains in the west, the Uncompahgre Plateau to the north, the San Juan and San Miguel Mountains in the east and, to the south... Norwood's signature landmark... the Lone Cone.

This website is designed to give you quick access to information from the Town of Norwood / Planning and Zoning, the Norwood Water Commission and the Sanitation District. Forms can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate menu button in the Quick Access area.

Contact information for all organizations can be obtained by clicking the "About Us" button. Links to other organizations in or near Norwood can be found by clicking the "Area Links" button.

Latest Announcements

Norwood Water Commission NEW Raw Water System Survey

The Norwood Water Commission has a new survey out on the construction of a Raw Water System.  It is due on May 31st and needs to be returned to the … [Read More...]

May Meetings Start Next Week

The Norwood Water Commission, the Town of Norwood Board of Trustees, and the Norwood Sanitation District are having their regular monthly meetings … [Read More...]

Clean Up Day on Saturday, May 14 Starting at 9:00 A.M.

The Town of Norwood is sponsoring a clean-up day on Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. or until dumpsters are filled.  The … [Read More...]

Candace Kjome, Candy Meehan and Tanya Morlang to be Sworn In as Trustees at April 13th Meeting!

Candace Kjome, Candy Meehan, and Tanya Morlang will be sworn in as trustees at the April 13, 2016 meeting of the Norwood Board of Trustees.  The … [Read More...]

April Meetings the 2nd Week of April

The Norwood Water Commission, the Town of Norwood and the Norwood Sanitation District will have their April meetings starting Tuesday, April 12th thru … [Read More...]

Congratulations to Mayor Kieffer Parrino

On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, the Norwood Board of Trustees held interviews for the 4 applicants for mayor.  The applicants were all amazing, and the … [Read More...]