About Us

About Us

The Lone Cone, south of Norwood.Norwood Town Hall
1670 Naturita St.
P.O. Box 528
Norwood, CO  81423
(970) 327-4288

Board of Trustees

C. Kieffer Parrino Mayor –parrino@norwoodtown.com
Candy Meehan Mayor Pro-tem –meehan@norwoodtown.com
Kerry Welch Trustee – welch@norwoodtown.com
Shawn Fallon Trustee – fallon@norwoodtown.com
Jaime Schultz Trustee – schultz@norwoodtown.com

Norwood Planning and Zoning Commission Members

Bronwen Spielman Chair – bspielman@hotmail.com
Alexander Pape Vice Chair – apape@telluridehelpdesk.com
Nina Kothe Member – nkothe56@gmail.com
Sonny Lopez Member – sonny.lopez@gmail.com
Nancy Hrupcin Ex-Officio – nancyplants@hotmail.com
Brian DiPaola Ex-Officio – briandipaola22@gmail.com
Vacancies For: Active, Ex-Officio and Alternate

Norwood Water Commission Members

Finn Kjome  Chair – fkjome@hotmail.com 

Jim Jensen


Vice Chair – jimjensenconst@yahoo.com
John Owens  Member – john.owens@mtnvillage.org

 Mike Grafmyer

Jim Wells

Ron Gabbett

Member- mikegrafmyer@yahoo.com

Member-  jimwells195@yahoo.com

Member- rongabbett@mindspring.com


Norwood Sanitation District Members

Tony Gallob Chair
Glen Colson Vice-Chair
 John Houser  Member
Rick White Member

Town of Norwood
Norwood Water Commission
Norwood Sanitation District
Staff Members

Patti Grafmyer Town Administrator grafmyer@norwoodtown.com
Tim Lippert Public Works Director lippert@norwoodtown.com
Amanda Pierce Town Clerk pierce@norwoodtown.com
Shawny Darby Secretary/Billing Clerk  darby@norwoodtown.com
Michael Wilkerson Marshal marshal@norwoodtown.com
Lani Hagee Building Maintenance  

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