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The San Miguel Water Conservancy District (SMWCD) is responsible for selecting 3 members to the Norwood Water Commission (NWC). SMWCD is seeking letters from interested residents. To be eligible to apply: Applicants must live within the Norwood Water Commission district boundaries.

Priority will be given to those who live outside of the incorporated Town of Norwood boundaries and who own a water tap. However, the SMWCD board is interested in applicants with multiple skills to address the water quality and supply challenges NWC faces to serve a growing community; therefore, applicants who live within the town boundaries or do not own a water tap may be considered.

Applicants are encouraged to review the 2020 Norwood Water Commission Water Master

Plan and 2022 Town of Norwood/Norwood Water Commission Water Supply

Adequacy Update (Available on the Town of Norwood website/NWC tab or request a copy via

These reports demonstrate that planning for new water infrastructure, supply sources, and

multiple water treatment improvements will need to begin in the immediate future and

prioritizing these and other needs highlighted in the reports will be critical to achieve water

security for Wright’s Mesa. Therefore, it is SMWCD’s intent to appoint members who can


● Government board experience

● Experience implementing water or other infrastructure projects

● Experience implementing strategic plans and timelines

● Experience with public financing and stacking funding sources

● Grant writing or management experience

● Understanding of federal, state, and local water funding resources and/or

● Other experience relevant to the NWC

Submit letters of interest by May 1, 2023 to or SMWCD, PO Box 640,

Norwood, CO 81423. Letters should include the following:

● Name, Email, Phone

● Physical and Mailing Address

● Explain your water use or ownership as it relates to the NWC

● Length of time you have lived on Wright’s Mesa and relevant work/involvement in the area

● Your understanding of the role and challenges of the NWC

● Your skills that are relevant to these roles or challenges

● Any relationship or conflict of interest with Town of Norwood, NWC, or SMWCD board


● Any other relevant information that would be helpful for the SMWCD in making a selection